Interview Rob Maessen

Interview with manager-owner Rob Maessen

In 2022, Flowlight received an order to supply 6,000 m² of roofing sheets to Denmark for the prestigious Fehmarnbelt project. In the coming years, an 18-kilometre-long road and rail tunnel will be built between Germany and Denmark. A factory will be built on the Danish side to produce the 200-metre-long prefab concrete tunnel elements.

General manager Rob Maessen says: “We are providing the daylight solution for this production site. It is a megaproject that will take us about three months to complete. We are very proud that we can also contribute to the construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel.”

The roofing sheets for the Danish factory are all produced at our own Flowlight production site in Hoensbroek, where a team of engineers is constantly working on innovations, new productions and tailor-made solutions. Flowlight works with three different types of transparent roof panels. The Victory is a strong, translucent roofing sheet that is available in any desired thickness. The Vision roofing sheet is the solution for those who want extra insulation value, but don’t want to lose any light. Because Flowlight has developed vertical insulation, the light output with the Vision roof panel is fully guaranteed. “That is very special as this quality makes us unique,” says Rob. When there is an unknown or irregular purlin size, for example during a roof renovation, Flowlight PPC roof panels are the best choice.

Maessen: “We design and produce everything in-house. As a result, we are flexible and can work with very short delivery times. We can offer all types of profiles. We really have a suitable solution for every profile.”

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