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Channel sheets

Polycarbonate or PVC channel sheet

Our range of channel sheets or flat sheets consists of polycarbonate or PVC. The PVC channel sheets have a high light transmission of over 85%. The optically clear material is of a high quality, and we supply it with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The polycarbonate flat sheets consist of sheets of plastic with channels in between, making them lightweight but very strong.

High-quality polycarbonate sheets

The channel sheets are thermally insulating due to the air between the sheets. Sheets with a thickness of 8 and 10 mm can be bent a little. The material can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its high impact resistance. The sheets have a 10-year warranty against discolouration and loss of light transmission. Just like acrylic, polycarbonate is gas- and vapour-permeable to a very limited extent, meaning condensation in the channel sheets cannot always be prevented. The sheets are fitted with a closed tape as standard to prevent contamination in the channels. It is possible to weld the ends together and the sheets are easy to process.

Entire range

  1. Novoclear polycarbonaat kanaalplaat 6 mm
  2. Novoclear polycarbonaat kanaalplaat 8 mm
  3. Novoclear polycarbonaat kanaalplaat 10 mm
  4. Novoclear polycarbonaat kanaalplaat 16 mm
  5. Novoclear polycarbonaat kanaalplaat 25 mm
  6. Novoclear polycarbonaat kanaalplaat 32 mm

All options for the number of walls

These polycarbonate channel sheets are available in the following versions: double-wall, triple-wall, four-wall and five-wall. The more sheets, the stronger and more stable the sheet. Some multi-wall sheets – in addition to horizontal dividers – also have extra diagonal walls. This ‘X-structure’ makes these sheets extremely strong. We supply the polycarbonate channel sheets in a clear version, opal transparent and bronze, the latter only on request.

The Novoclear multi-wall polycarbonate channel sheets are suitable for the construction of skylights, translucent walls and transparent roofs.

They have the following characteristics:

  • Ease of assembly

  • Optimal light transmission

  • Hail-resistant

  • UV radiation-resistant

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