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Translucent polyestercorrugated sheets

Novolight corrugated sheets available in any length

These standard polyester sheets are made of polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass mats. Polyester corrugated sheet is available in various profiles with many applications. A Dutch quality product that meets all international requirements.

Extra-protected, fire-retardant or reinforced

In our polyester factory it is possible to adjust the recipe of the polyester. For example, we produce sheeting with a fire-retardant effect, other colours and suitable for larger spans on request. The Novolite polyester sheets are perfect for combining with galvanised, steel, fibre cement or aluminium profile sheets. Translucent plastic corrugated sheets are available in various options:

  • Novolite Plus: with lifespan-extending protective layer providing extra protection against weather influences for a substantially longer lifespan.

  • Novolite Longlife: with lifespan-extending and UV protection, so that the process of discolouration by UV light is also slowed down.

We supply Novolite corrugated sheets in any (transportable) length. 
The standard lengths available are 122, 153, 183, 214, 244, 275, 305, 336, 366, 396, 428 cm, etc.
Delivery ex works from 1,000 cm.

Novolite flat rolls

Novolite flat rolls are available in the Novolite Plus and Novolite Longlife versions. Also available in colour when purchasing at least 100 m². Part-rolls are naturally also available. The Novolite polyester flat rolls are available in different versions.

• roll length max. 30 metres.
• roll heights 100, 125 and 140 cm.

• fibreglass reinforcement 600 g/m²
• roll length max. 30 metres.
• roll heights 100, 125 and 140 cm.

• fibreglass reinforcement 750 g/m²
• roll length max. 30 metres.
• roll heights 100 and 125 cm.

Novolite corrugated rolls

Novolite polyester is also available on corrugated roll with the usual profile type G/H (corrugation 76/18), suitable for galvanised or aluminium sheets Eternit no. 3. The material is available from stock in a water outlet size or roll height of 100, 125, 150, 180, 200, 250, 275, 300, 350 and 400 cm. The roll length is a maximum of 30 running metres, with the exception of the height / water outlet of 350 and 400 cm, with a maximum of 20 running metres.

Novolite polyester sheet piling

Novolite sheet piling has an unrivalled lifespan. We can also supply many other options, such as extra fire-retardant sheets or sheet piling for large spans.

Novolite polyester sheet piling profiles are also available in additional options:

  • Transparent and non-transparent colours

  • 600 grams fibreglass reinforcement per m² of profiled sheet

  • Novolite Plus: with a lifespan-extending layer of protection for demanding environments. These polyester sheets are provided with a protective film. This extra layer protects the top layer of the polyester against weather influences, significantly extending its lifespan.

  • A minimum purchase of 100 m² per profile per version applies.

  • Novolite Longlife: with a lifespan-extending and UV-protective layer. This slows down the process of discolouration caused by UV radiation. For the Novolite Longlife version, a minimum purchase of 100 m² per profile per version applies.

Custom sheet piling profiles: over 200 moulds available!

Over the past 70 years, we have produced polyester profiles for hundreds of customers, often tailor-made. As a result, we have an unprecedentedly large number of moulds available. It is possible to have this made to measure. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

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