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Our transparent roof panels are available with different top layers for extra insulation or fire resistance.

Because Flowlight develops and produces itself, customization is no problem at all. Do you have different, specific wishes regarding size, insulation value, color, strength, fire resistance or light transmission of your translucent roof panels? We are happy to develop a tailor-made solution!

Anti-Fire Top Sheet

Flowlight translucent roof panels are now also available with a fire-resistant top plate - fire class B roof (t1). This top plate is fire-retardant and flame-resistant. While maintaining resistance and light transmission.

Our new Anti-Fire daylight panels have an official B roof (t1) classification.

What is fire class B roof (t1)?

This fire class is a European classification that guarantees that a product is fire-resistant and fire-retardant. This fire class prevents the development of secondary fires because the fire-resistant qualities prevent the roof seal from being punctured or the fire from spreading further on the surface. 

Fire class B roof (t1) is a leading standard in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and most Eastern European countries. To achieve the class, an extensive test process is completed including a test with burning wood, wind and radiation.

The new fire-resistant daylight panels are extremely suitable for construction projects that have strict safety requirements and need or wish to achieve fire class B. 

Flowlight Anti-Fire Top Sheet

The AF top plate is available for all types of Flowlight roof panels. The fire-resistant top plate does not come at the expense of the standard high chemical and weather resistance and of course the transparency and light transmission of the panels do not deteriorate.

Acrylluz® Flow-blue

The Flow-blue color of Flowlight Acrylluz® thermo lighting elements makes a positive contribution to human well-being, makes you optimistic, reduces stress and promotes alertness. It is made of glass fiber reinforced polyester acrylic and provides unprecedented light distribution (95%), providing rooms with better quality daylight.

Have our translucent roof sheet provided with an Acrylic finish for greater employee well-being.

Light transmission:

Acrylluz®, a proven translucent material, specially designed for daylight to enter through the roof. The composition of this thermoplastic sheet achieves excellent light diffusion (95%). This gives rooms daylight of better quality. 


Acrylluz® combines the perfect penetration of shadow-free light with optimal weather resistance in one product. It also offers other advantages such as high impact resistance. It is also chemically resistant and therefore increases the expected lifespan.


Acrylluz® is suitable for use in industrial roofs, shopping centers, hotels, sports halls and other buildings where natural daylight is required. 

Light diffusion

Acrylluz®, light without shadow, is a step forward in the world of daylight. The easy installation and superior properties make this product the new standard for skylights. 

With Acrylluz® the difference is in the roof - 10 year warranty

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